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Naturally 7 Olympics Vol. 1

We love to entertain ourselves while we wait to perform (in this case right before a TV show), but sometimes that entertainment has nothing to do with music! :-)

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2 thoughts on “N7 Olympics Vol. 1

  1. Hi guys,
    we visited the concert in Oberhausen/Germany last nite (31st of May). Incredible, unbelievable, awesome!!!!!
    I never saw better a-capella vocals than you. If I wouldn´t have known, I never would have believed that it´s completely without instruments.
    My wife and I listened with open mouths.We became great fans of your music immediately.
    We came to see Michael Bublé who is a great entertainer. But you guys are in the same league!
    We wish you a wonderful tour and when you are back in Germany, we will promote you like hell.

    Werner + Heike

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