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To the wall - Backstage Games

As many of you know, we love to keep ourselves entertained with a variety of physical activities. On this particular occasion we decided to share our “game” with Michael Buble’s bodyguard, Jose. Let’s just say, he’s a natural!

So of course we couldn’t just get Jose in on the action. It took quite a bit of convincing, but he let us try out our “sport” on Mr. Bublé hiimself!

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11 thoughts on “N7 Backstage Games

  1. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting you all after the Richmond, Va. show. When you finished your set I was the first one to stand on the floor section for a standing ovation :) :) I have to believe you receive them after every show!! If not, you all should!! Both our boys, Lucas is 9 and Jarrett is 11, heard the cd and feel in love with it. They both started in band at school this year. Lucas playing the trumpet and Jarrett playing the trombone. They were both in awe to know there were no instruments other than what God has gifted you with. We will pray for you all on this tour and I hope to one day bring them to a show. Until next time.

    Cindee and family

  2. Just want everyone to know how great these guys are. Saw them in Norfolk Virginia last night and they were awsome!! They are so talented!! You guys deserved every minute of that standing ovation. Best of luck with the rest of the tour.

  3. Just saw you in Charlotte NC and thought you were AMAZING!!! I loved hearing what you are able to do with the human voice, it was a joy to watch you all sing!! No instrument or computer can truly imitate the human voice but it cetanly does work the other way around.

  4. Just saw and heard you last night in Charlotte, NC. What a wonderful surprise. My husband did not want to come so I brought a friend and now I can see he is really sorry he missed YOU GUYS. I will get a CD for him to enjoy. Come back to Charlotte.

  5. Saw you at July 4th’s Mohegan Sun show in CT. What can I say. It was an awesome surprise. Haven’t been able to stop telling my circle of friends about your performance.

    Keep up the good work and enjoy the ride up to the top!

    Wishing you all well,

    A. Bridal Co.
    Lake Hopatcong, NJ

  6. Wow! Amazing! Incredible! Awesomely talented! Had the privilege of seeing you guys last night here in New Orleans. I haven’t stopped talking about your set and how much I enjoyed your music. We loved having you in our town and we certainly hope that you come back soon. I know that you are going to have much future success…with all that talent how could you not!?!

  7. Wow!!! we just got back from your show with Michael Buble Houston TX and My Husband and Daughter and I cant wait to see yall again in Concert and can’t wait for your CD to come out Thanks for a great Evening !!!

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