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Michael Bublé in ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine about Naturally 7

Michael Bublé spoke to ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine about working with Naturally 7 and having the guys on tour with him:

Rolling Stone: What are some of the new songs you’re excited to get onstage?

Michael Bublé: I think a lot of the Motown stuff, “Who’s Loving You” and “To Love Somebody,” is gonna be a blast for me, because I recorded this record with Naturally 7, and these boys have become a big part of my life. They kind of come with me all over the place and they’re the support act, but they’re not just a support act – they’re part of a subculture that I want to be part of and be part of building. So having them with me, it’s a blast. It’s a blast for me to be able to get up there and have these guys come up there in the middle of a show and sort of change the whole dynamic of a show, because it changes the whole genre.

Read the complete interview here:

Michael Bublé and Naturally 7 - Christmas Show

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