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You can now listen to “Life Goes On” as full length stream via our website. Just click the play button on the widget below and enjoy.

And as Roger said in his recent “Roundtrips with N’glish”: “Once you hear it after Friday, be sure to let us know how you feel about it. We love to get feedback from you.

Let It Go (Life Goes On) by Naturally7

38 thoughts on “Listen to the new N7 single “Life Goes On” now

  1. This song is fire, I heard it about 4 weeks ago for the first time and it just stood out. This is the first time in four weeks I heard it, I need to get the album. This real music right here, best thing going.

  2. You guys are GREAT and so bad to tease us with this single. It is wonderful as is all of your music! I am proud of you guys and cannot wait to see you all live again.

  3. I never tired of listening to your old tunes but this one is spot on. The best word to describe you is SMOOTH and flawless. Love it!

  4. The seven of you, really have the ability to breath life into your songs. I have enjoyed your music since I first saw you live in Boise Idaho. Keep your passion going and come back to Boise soon.

  5. This is great. Your talent never ceases to amaze me – I love all your tracks and seeing you live is so exciting – can’t wait to see you again in February in London. Please don’t stop doing what you do best x

  6. Seriously….in the first 2 seconds, I knew I loved it. One of my favorites!!!!

    Love it, love you guys.

    Thank you.



  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE “Life goes On”. You guys are totally AWESOME, AMAZING and BLESSED with such talent. Saw you in Tampa, FL, and can’t wait for you to come back. Continued success. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year to you and your families. Loved your special with Michael also.

  8. Please,please,please come back to Cleveland Ohio!…We’ll leave the light on for you.

  9. Guys,

    you always make me smile with your music… as usual a real good vibe… a song I can play all night long..the harmonies are beautifull as always….. Loving it!!!! xxx

  10. LOVE IT!!!! Have loved you since I first saw you with Michael in Manchester, NH – can’t wait to see you again – now searching to buy all your music –

  11. Yeah, what they said, LOL! — great words, great arrangement, great blend of old and new … Looking forward to see how you put it together on stage Thank you for sharing!

  12. This song is absolutely fabulous!!! The depth and the breadth of your talent never ceases to amaze me! Please come back to the NY, PA, DE or NJ area so I can see you perform this song live. Thanks for sharing this with your fans. We love you guys!

  13. Guys,

    This song is very modern in its feel and lyrics. It is relevant and feels… ‘right’….

    It helps me get up in the morning when something bad has happened :)

  14. Wow!! Fantastic new song guys!!! Does anyone know if the lyrics are posted anywhere? Thanks!

  15. Late last month I was awaken at 4:30am by this song on WBLS. And it was one of those songs that sat in my spirit and I kept getting awaken by this song in the subsequent days. It wasn’t until the day before yesterday when I saw that the song was finally posted on youtube that I understood why I was being awaken by this song. I don’t know who or what inspired this song to be written but Thank you for writing it.

  16. Simply AMAZING! I enjoyed it. I saw you guys for the first time on versus & flow on tvone. I had to google you guys. I am definitely a fan. Keep it up.

  17. Just stumbled across you guys…….just freaking AMAZING!! I hope to see you guys in Chicago sometime soon!! (And if you need an opening act…..we’ll go acoustic!!)

  18. Phenominal! Real music, live musicians, stellar performances all equal to
    Natural 7!
    Keep grinding!

  19. Hallo Jungs,

    dieser Song ist super. Ich kann es kaum erwarten ihn auf I-Tunes zu bekommen.

    vielen Dank für die wirklich schönen Lieder.

    Lg. Sandra

  20. How are you NATURALLY 7 brothers, I am a Chinese streetbasketball player. You are very famous in China, I hope you can come to China to concerts, Chinese people are very friendly very warm.But I don’t understand why you change Jamal.R to Polo,Jamal is one of our most loving member.When you change Jamal.R,there are a lot of chinese fans very sad and cry. We wait for you come to China.

  21. When does your new single come out on itunes… for the us? Heard it on 94.7 The Wave Today…

  22. I am hooked on this song, it ROCKS! When will it become available for purchase and when are you guys coming to California? You guys are awesome!!

  23. I love this song. Heard it first on The Wave. Can’t wait for it to drop on itunes.

  24. I hope to see N7 again at this year’s Playboy Jazz Festival. You guys rocked it last year. Would love to hear this song LIVE!!!

  25. We are loving your music. I teach 3rd grade in Miami and my students and I are listening as I leave this response. Some of their reactions to this song and your group are:

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