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N7 with David Foster at his studio in LA
N7 with David Foster at his studio in LA

As many of you are aware we flew out to Los Angeles earlier this month to perform with Michael Buble on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. If you didn’t catch it live you can check it on YouTube. We had a really good time and as always it was great to work with Michael B.

What many of you don’t know is that we were in LA for more than just The Late Late Show. We had ulterior motives as well. The night prior to taping the tv show we were in the studio with Michael. He will be guest appearing on our next project. The song came out amazing (stay tuned for more info on its release). Also we are appearing on his album. Stardust was already recorded, however, after the taping the Late Late Show we returned to the studio. This time with legendary super producer David Foster. Michael had more ideas for his album and thought N7 would be the perfect fit. (Did someone say together again for a NEW tour?) No news yet on when Michael’s album is scheduled to be out. Check his website for further updates. We were honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to work with these amazing artists. The millions and millions of records sold that have be recorded and produced by these guys boggles the mind. Lets hope some of their mojo rubs off!!!

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