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Just arrived in Winnipeg. Never knew what the city looked like. Last time we were here it was buried under snow and ice…and COLD!

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  1. welcome back to Winnipeg, I just returned home from your concert with Michael Buble…..you were all amazing. I had not heard of you before tonight and was pleasantly suprised, you have another fan here in Winnipeg.

  2. Hey there! Hope you guys had as much fun at the Winnipeg show as we did. My daughter (age 7) and I loved the performance, and you signed her popcorn bag after the show (we’d forgotten to bring our cd’s to the show, darn!)
    All the way home in the car she kept saying “Mom, they talked to me!… Mom, they shook my hand! I’m NEVER gonna wash this hand again!… Mom, I’m gonna keep this popcorn bag FOREVER!” I couldn’t stop laughing, she was soooo cute!
    Thanks so much guys. Keep doin what you’re doin! and never lose touch with your fans – I know you gave my little girl a super special moment she’ll remember for the rest of her life. Her love for your music is deeper than ever (I have to keep stealing the cds out of her room so I can listen to them!)
    Lots of love, and wishing you every blessing – hope the tour continues to go well. Come back to the ‘Peg soon!

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