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[flv://wp-content/uploads/2011/02/hops_punk_d.flv 480 360]

15 thoughts on “Hops Gets Punk’d

    1. I hope you said sorry too him, that wasnt very nice. Here in Australia you would of been dropped within a second, mate or no mate…

  1. Uh oh .. if I know one thing about Hops, you don’t mess with his pinkberry or his smoothieking. Ya’ll better watch your backs! lol. Revenge is sweet!!

  2. I’m sure you guys won’t get much sleep in the next days / weeks / months with Hops on your back ;)

  3. lol Hops wears glasses??
    oh no his own special mix of berries and ice cream.
    I understand the hurt. pinkberry/berrycool mix is a very personal thing.
    but…just get another one : )

  4. poor hops i cant belive u did that daddy-ps if any body is reading this yes i am warren’s dauter

  5. poor hops u guys r too mean it was funny tho, wonderin y hops reacted that way?

  6. no matter how many times I watch this (I’ve watched it a few) I crack up everytime. I absolutely LOVE this video.. even tho poor defenseless Hops is sad about his Pinkberry. LOL CRACK UP.. so many good lines from this.. LOL

  7. Great punk setup, loved it! Almost as funny as Polo’s shoe prank! Now THAT was histerical!

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