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Hello Switzerland, save the date!!! N7 performing @ Swiss Award 2011 (SF1, TSR2, RSI2) – Sat, Jan 8th, 8.10pm… http://bit.ly/hyrRtj #fb

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  1. Hi Naturally Seven How are ya? Am the pioneer lady of rap
    and RnB in Switzerland. Just seen your performance at the Swiss
    Awards, thank you for such a great performance! I performed on
    Swiss Tv with host Sandra Studer and with Justin Timberlake back
    in1996. Please say greetings from me to Sandra. I just can t find
    her phone nr. Or any contact but I will god willing. Hey if u feel
    like writing me , facebook me ! Aight! Are you gon be in Basel?
    When are you leavin Switzerland? Greetings and lots of success!

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