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Had a great time in Liverpool tonight. Maybe one of the most energetic crowds in the UK so far. Nice to be back.

4 thoughts on “Had a great time in Liverpool …

  1. Watched you in Liverpool last night, absolutely FANTASTIC. could you tell me the title of your new song, and when its available, Cheers

  2. OMG, you were AMAZING last night, cannot get over how you do it – i was sat there with mouth wide open in shock.
    Gotta give it to you thought, one of the best talents around.
    One of you waved at me and smiled when you were signing the CD’s, my legs buckled under me ha – better than buble’s performance :D x

  3. Absolutly amazing…even tho I do, its almost impossible to believe that a human could make sounds like that! My fiance and myself thought u were all amazing!

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