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Great time in Sheffield! Even …


  • Lyz Brown

    I was there!! I didn’t know who was going to support Michael but you guys were certainly a very pleasant surprise! I’m mainly more into the big band style of music but I enjoyed your performance so much that I will definitely see if I can get some of your albums. My favourite song you performed was “Wall of Sound”. Keep up the good work, guys!!!!!

  • Maxine

    I went to see Michael Buble last night at Sheffield last night and he was out of this world. Naturally 7 what an excellent act you are you are fantastic I will definetly be purchasing your albums! Hope to see you all again soon :) xxx

  • David

    I was at Sheffield Arena last night, too – you were magnificant, and staying around at the end to sign autographs and pose for photos with fans was very generous. Thank You. My daughters are very proud of the photos that I took of them with each of you. And your performance blew me away. True genius and hope to return in September. Good luck with the rest of the tour