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“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” Music Video / Naturally 7 Christmas EP Contest

“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” will be the first song from our Christmas 2015 EP. For details of how to enter the Naturally 7 Christmas EP Contest and to find out what you could win, watch the new “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” Music Video and the Contest video below.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Music Video)


Naturally 7 Christmas EP Contest video

10 thoughts on ““God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” Music Video / Naturally 7 Christmas EP Contest

  1. O HOLY NIGHT — I picked this song since you guys communicate true soul
    and authenticity through your music, and this piece would touch the hearts
    of many.

    Your work is truly appreciated :-)

    -Carol Levin, Prescott, AZ

  2. I love the Christmas video!!!!! Then again I love just about all of your stuff.

    This Video … I wasn’t sure wear to post this. I guess I’m just not sure how to post anything. I think on the Christmas album you should sing “Oh come Oh Ye Faithful,” because your range of voices would be PERFECT for this song. The way you guys harmonize would do real justice to this song!
    Another song that would be great by you is “Little Drummer Boy!” I’ve heard it done many ways, and I think you guys could add a modern flare to it and do something unique and upbeat with the “drums,” while still keeping it wholesome.

  3. “Colorado Christmas” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. I was born and raised in Northern California, where Christmas meant cold and rain. I moved to Colorado in 2000 and now I don’t think Christmas would ever be the same, without a little cold and snow. I think you could do something magical with this song. Best wishes in 2015!

  4. “Naturally 7,”
    After hearing your rendition of “GOD Rest Ye Mery Gentlemen,” and how the group took a classical Christmas song and added to it to make this classic fresh and still remain true to the bones of the song, I would LOVE to hear how “Mary Did You Know” would be “Naturally 7″ized!
    “Mary Did You Know” is more than just a Christmas song, it’s an anthem about the true Christmas story and how Mary had been chosen to carry in her womb and give birth to the CHRIST child. So many have lost sight of the true and real meaning of Christmas. For myself, “Mary Did You Know” has ALWAYS brought me back to what Christmas is truly about.
    I have 4 children, with 3 of them (including my first born) being sons. Every year when I hear this song I cry tears of joy as well as tears of heartbreak. As a Mom I couldn’t imagine bringing my precious baby boy into a dark world so that HE could be the light in the darkness.
    I couldn’t even fathom the thought that my son was the sacrificial lamb, sent to be crucified for not HIS sins, but for my sins and the sins of all mankind.
    To hold a newborn baby, especially as a first time parent, a feeling of unconditional love and an overwhelming protective instinct takes hold and a bond is formed. As a parent you see endless possibilities and a bright future for this little, new fresh life. This baby is a new beginning, a fresh clean start with so much life to be lived.
    Now imagine being Mary. To know that while holding this beautiful baby boy, JESUS, that not only are you holding your baby, but that you also have in your arms the Son of God. That this tiny baby will on day perform miracles and cause the blind to see, heal the lame, and the body, but that HE will also give freely HIS life through brutally being crucified so that by HIM and through HIM we can have eternal life in Heaven and have Salvation by HIS precious blood being spilled to wash “us” white as snow.
    If you have children go back with me to the first time you laid eyes on them and held them in your arms. Think of those feelings and the promises you made to protect, provided, parent, support, and love them unconditionally.
    I will go back to the first time I laid eyes and held my first born, my newborn son.
    I thought about Mary the Mother of Jesus. I didn’t have to ride a donkey, being due to have my baby, numerous miles away so that “we” could be taxed, I didn’t get turned away from the hospital because there was “no room in the inn” or hospital, my room was not a stable filled with animals and their “stink”. I had my own birthing suite that was warm, clean and comfortable. I had an actual (hospital) bed with real blankets. For my son there was a nice comfortable warm layette. He, my son, was tightly bundled and swaddled with warmed clean blankets.
    Mary wasn’t so lucky. She gave birth in a barn. There was no layette to comfortably place her Son in. Instead there was a bed of hay in a manager. Her Son not swaddled tightly in warmed blankets, but was swaddled in rags.
    I didn’t and still don’t know what the future holds for my son. I am thankful that “we” don’t know what tomorrow holds.” However, Mary knew that her son was also the SON of GOD our FATHER and CREATOR, her SON was and still is the “GREAT I AM.” Mary knew JESUS was sent and given to “us” so that HE would “die” on a cross innocently for her sins as well as the sins of the rest and ALL of mankind. This would be and was more than I could have taken and did take in. Every time I had held any of my “fresh” and my new little baby, I thought of Mary and vowed and continue to vow to raise my children and parent them in a Christian home and to teach them CHRIST centered values and the meaning of Christmas and the Cross. May I train up my children in the ways of the LORD so that one day they will rise up and call me blessed.”
    “Mary Did You Know” would be perfectly performed by “Naturally 7!” There is so much you could do to modernize it, and add to the already beautiful Christmas story with the angelic harmonization and the beauty, awe, and amazement that you all as a group bring. You already have the natural gift and pure style of your GOD given talent/ ability to sing acapella and capture and draw “us” in with each sweet note and vocal expression that is brought to the melodic table. This is also one of those Christmas songs with a great set of bones to work with to become modernized and yet still remain true to the original song by carrying with it meaning, power, and the purpose of the “reason for the season.”
    I appreciate the time to read such a lengthy post and my reasoning as to why I chose “Mary Did You Know!” I hope and pray that even if this song is not one chosen to be on your 2015 EP, that the True Reason for the Season will forever be in your hearts, not only every Christmas Season, but in your daily lives throughout the years to come!
    May GOD bless YOU ALL and KEEP YOU ALL safe and in HIS ARMS. I wish you much success for the years to come!
    Valerie Braun

  5. Stevie Wonder’s “Love’s in need of Love today”. This powerful song needs to be heard in the wake of the Peshawar massacre and all the evil visited on the world in the name of religion

  6. Hi Guys, when are you coming back to Reading? I’d love to hear ya’ll sing Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, this song reminds me of Chrismas as a kid, just love Nat King Cole, mickey bubble did it ok too. Give Hopp the lead.
    Take care, love the new video.
    Mick from Bracknell

  7. I have to say that you gentlemen are awesome! Just heard you on the Cheerios commercial! So great! Wish you could have sung on the Kennedy Honors program this year honoring Al Green and Tom Hanks and Sting! You would have been a fantastic addition!

    God Bless with much success! Waiting to see you on TV!

  8. “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” is my choice of songs for you guys to give your rendition of style and vocal percussion. I anxiously await your choice of a Christmas Music no matter what you select. This song is special to me since childhood. Both my parents are now resting on high. However the fond memories of our Christmases with music lingers strongly in my heart and mind. Would love, love, love to hear Naturally 7 sing this beautiful song. You really are “Merry Gentlemen”. God Bless you all!

  9. LOVE your fantastic music!

    I would hope you’d include “Mary, Did You Know?” on your new Christmas album. You would do it justice!

    I hope for all the best for you.

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