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follow us facebook twitter youtube myspace Naturally 7 – Phenomenal group brings their Vocal Play style to Columbus and opens for Michael Bublé


  • Nikki

    Wow! Naturally 7 was extrememly impressive last night in Columbus. What a way to get such a fantastic concert started.

  • Beverly

    AMAZING! AWESOME! There are just not enough words to describe the performance of Naturally 7 in Columbus last evening. I am a huge Michael Buble fan, but he certainly was generous in sharing the stage with you. I am involved in music in Greater Columbus (both as an amateur and as part of a small professional a cappella ensemble). I listened with a critics ear and found perfection in every note of every song! If you closed your eyes and just listened, you would could swear there were instruments accompanying the performers. What the group did with their voices in “becoming the instruments” was unbelievable! NATURALLY 7, you now have a big Columbus fan who is going to “sing your praises” (pun intended), maybe even literally. I must get one of your CD’s and will look for the new one also!!!! Much success to all of you!

  • deb

    Saw Michael Buble at Mohegan Sun last night and witnessed the best ever opening act… Naturally 7!! What a treat having no idea who they were or what they would be like. They are simply the most unique group that I have seen ever! They would have shut down Americas Got Talent and blown even Pierce away. Not a group to miss.Go get their CD it is so worth the $