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Rod Eldridge

25 Personal  Questions

1. Name, Nickname, Birthday?
Roderick Eldridge

Where were you born?
Rochester, NY

Where were you raised? (what cities)
Syracuse, NY

2. What is your family background? (Nationality)
African American

Family? (Siblings, married, children,etc.)
1 brother, 2 sisters, married, 2 daughters

3. Before the band you were… and if you were not singing what would you be doing?
I worked as an IT Technician

4. What is your voice part your vocal play specialty?
Vocal DJ

5. What is your Vocal Range?

6. What is the best thing and what is the hardest thing being in N7?
Best: Being able to travel around the world and touch people by making music.
Worst: We travel so much that I miss out on spending time with my family.

7. Do you play an instrument? (list)

8. What’s your favorite place to perform? (why)
I think Zurich is the place that I know will always be an exciting show. The venues are always sold out and the crowd is alway full of energy.

9. What’s the worse thing that has happened on a stage and what was the best thing?
Best: having Chris Tucker come on stage and dance to out Michael Jackson medley.
Worst: One of our members passed out and collapsed from exhaustion during a song.

10. What are your musical influences?
EW&F, Fugees, Michael Jackson, Commissioned, Take 6, the swingle singles, Smokey Robinson

11. Name your five favorite albums?
Fugee-la, Thriller, ElePhunk, definition of a band, Miseducation of Lauren Hill

12. Name your five favorite artists?
Michael jackson, Mint Condition, Commissioned,

13. What’s your favorite bible verse?
Phil 4:7

14.What’s your favorite character from the bible?

15. What are your hobbies?
riding my motor cycle

16. What are your 3 favorite movies?
Forest Gump, The Matrix, The Shawshank Redemption

17. What’s your favorite book?
The Stand

18. Favorite sport to watch, favorite sport to play?
Watch: Basketball
Play: American Football

19. What’s your favorite team in sports?
The Dallas Cowboyz

20. Who is your favorite athlete/s?
emmit smith, shaq, carl lewis, muhammad ali, venus williams, deon sanders, jesse owens

21. What’s your favorite historical sports moment?

22. What are the most unique items you travel with?

23. What is your biggest pet peave?
Having my order messed up at a fast food drive up window and finding out after I drive away.

24. Who is your hero? (not parent)
Martin Luther King Jr.

25. What is your view of life?
“Today is a day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
Life should be enjoyed but living totally for self fullfillment is never truly fullfilling. Seek to bring joy to others when you can.