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Kelvin 'Kelz' Mitchell (Bass) 01



Kelvin 'Kelz' Mitchell (Bass) 02





25 Personal Questions

1. Name, Nickname, Birthday?
Kelvin Mitchell, Kelz, February 14th

Where were you born?
Queens, New York

Where were you raised? (what cities)
Saint Petersburg, Florida

2. What is your family background? (Nationality)
American born, Jamaican parents

(Crystal (wife), Jazmine and Juliana (daughters)
Brothers:Neville, Michael, and Horace. Sisters: Charmaine and Melissa

3. Before the band you were…and if you were not singing what would you be doing?
Software rollout manager in both cases

4. What is your voice part and your “vocal play” speciality?
I’m the Bass and vocal play instrument of choice is Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, and Trumpet.

5. What is your vocal range?
From pretty high to pretty low ;-)

6. What is the best thing and what is the hardest thing being in N7?
The best thing is sharing messages of hope and love to people all over the world by way of my God given talents . The hardest thing is being away from home and not having, my wife with me on the road to share firsthand in my travels to some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world.

7. Do you play an instrument?
Yes, French horn (middle and high school), drums, and enough keyboard to do production and arrangements

8. What’s your favorite place to perform?(why)
I love to sing so any place is great place. I’d love to one day do the Sydney Opera House.

9. What’s the worse thing that has happened on a stage and what was the best thing?
During my first show in Belfast, I had to do our B stage performance with Michael Bublè using regular ear buds that didn’t block the audio delay. This was prior to me getting my custom in-ears. As you could image, keeping time and locking in with everyone else was huge challenge. Thank God I made it through that one without things totally falling apart.

10. What are your musical influences?
My dad who is also a bass singer, choir director and acapella lover, my high school band director Mr. Frank T Williams III, and my college chorus and ensemble director Mrs. Janice Buchanan. Although there are many other things that I could site as musical influences, these 3 people, I feel, have made the largest contributions to the musician I am today.

11. Name your five favorite albums?
Wynton Marsalis “Standard Time, Vol. 3″
Doobie Powell “The Time Is Now”
Hi-Lo’s “Suddenly It’s The Hi-Lo’s / Harmony in Jazz”
Stan Kenton “Cuban Fire”
Singers Unlimited “A Capella”

12. Name your five favorite artists?
Wynton Marsalis, Doobie Powell, The Real Group, Singers Unlimited, Take 6

13. What’s your favorite bible verse?
Romans 5:8 “God exteneded His love towards us…”

14. What’s your favorite character from the bible?

15. What are your hobbies?
Weight training, watching movies, and the obvious, singing. :)

16. What are your 3 favorite movies?
The Matrix Trilogy, anything James Bond, and Red Cliff

17. What’s your favorite book?
The Bible and “The Story of Redeption” by E. G. White

18. Favorite sport to watch, favorite sport to play?
American Football and Crossfit (watch)  Golf, Flag Football, and Basketball (play)

19. What’s your favorite team in sports?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (American Football)

20. Who is your favorite athlete/s?
Michael Jordan

21. What’s your favorite historical sports moment?
When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl.

22. What are the most unique items you travel with?
My step-down power voltage transformer

23. What is your biggest pet peeve?
People who focus on the exceptions vs the rule and those who are uncaring and arrogant.

24. Who is your hero?
Jesus Christ

25. What is your view of life?
Always be willing to help those who my be in need of your help. No one live and dies to themselves so be mindful to leave a positive legacy.