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25 Personal  Questions

1. Name, Nickname, Birthday?
Armand Hutton, Hops, July 11th

Where were you born?
Takoma Park, Maryland

Where were you raised? (what cities)
Bowie, MD

2. What is your family background? (Nationality)
Family? (Siblings, married, children,etc.)
I have one sister and I’m married. I also have parents.

3. Before the band you were… and if you were not singing what would you be doing?
I was a student and right now I’d still be in school studying to become a Film Composer.

4. What is your voice part and Vocal Play specialty?
Bass and Bass.

5. What is your vocal range?
F0 to not so high.

6. What is the best thing and what is the hardest thing being in N7?
The best thing about being in Naturally 7 is meeting so many musical legends.  The worst thing is being away from home weeks at a time.

7. Do you play an instrument? (list)
Bass Guitar, Piano, B-flat Clarinet, Violin

8. What’s your favorite place to perform? (why)
Nashville. It’s my current home.

9. What’s the worse thing that has happened on a stage and what was the best thing?
The worst thing that has happened to me onstage was when I was singing a song and then a little troll came onstage and kicked me in the shin and stole my mic and started singing bass. The crowd loved him. I was ashamed.

The best thing that happened to me was when we sang the last few bars of Ready or not.

10. What are your musical influences?
My mom, the Winans family, most of 90s gospel music.

11. Name your five favorite albums?
So Much to Say, Take 6, He is Christmas, Take 6, Talking Book or Music of My Mind, Stevie Wonder, Different Lifestyles, Bebe and Cece Winans, Viva la Vida, Coldplay

12. Name your five favorite artists?
Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Winans, Coldplay, Brian McKnight, Take 6

13. What’s your favorite bible verse?
“Knowledge puffs up. But love builds up.” – 1 Corinthians 8:1

14. What’s your favorite character from the bible?

15. What are your hobbies?
Playing sports, Writing and arranging music, playing video games, drinking smoothies from Smoothie king.

16. What are your 3 favorite movies?
Love and Basketball, Goodfellas, Coming to America

17. What’s your favorite book?
Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

18. Favorite sport to watch, favorite sport to play?
Basketball for both.

19. What’s your favorite team in sports?
Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins

20. Who is your favorite athlete/s?
Michael Jordan

21. What’s your favorite historical sports moment?
Whenever the Bulls won the Championship.

22. What are the most unique items you travel with?
iPad, iPod, iHop

23. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Hotels with no internet and bad pillows.

24. Who is your hero? (not parent)
All of those who have triumphed over adversity.

25. What is your view of life?
I’m not sure how others view life, but I view it through my eyes!