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Dwight Stewart

25 Personal  Questions

1. Name, Nickname, Birthday?
Dwight Stewart. June 30th.

Where were you born?
Brooklyn, New York.

Where were you raised? (what cities)
Brooklyn, New York.

2. What is your family background? (Nationality)
Mom and Dad – Jamaican. Wife – Sandra. Daughter – Seon. I have four brothers (Roger, Dale, Dane and Sheldon). I also have four sisters (Jennifer, Sandra, Altoniese and Douraine).

3. Before the band you were… and if you were not singing what would you be doing?
I was singing on my own as a solo artist and working as a manager in a vitamin shop. If I wasn’t singing I would probably be working as a marine biologist somewhere or in the commercial fishing industry.

4. What is your voice part your vocal play specialty?
I am the baritone of the group.

5. What is your vocal range?

6. What is the best thing and what is the hardest thing being in N7?
One of the best things is you have seven guys out there on stage shouldering the burden and not just relying on one man. The hardest thing would have to be, for me, is that we are away from home a lot.

7. Do you play an instrument? (list)
I play the piano enough to write a song.

8. What’s your favorite place to perform? (why)
Madison Square Garden. Being a hometown boy, growing up a fan of sports watching my favorite basketball team play (New York Knicks) on their home court. Also knowing that all the greats and legends have graced that stage always brings a great feeling when I stand on that stage.

9. What’s the worse thing that has happened on a stage and what was the best thing?
The worst thing that ever happened to me on stage would be forgetting the lyrics to Broken Wings. This particular day we were being recorded for TV and I ended up making words that made no sense.
The best thing …?.

10. What are your musical influences?
My Dad (Alton Stewart) played a big part in my musical development. He started me out at the age of 4. Producers such as Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, David Foster and Timbaland. Groups such as The Wynans and Commission.

11. Name your five favorite albums?
Bebe and Cece Wynans “Heaven” and “Different Life Styles”
George Benson and Earl Klugh “Collaborations”
Anita Baker “Rapture”
One Republic “Dreaming Out Loud”
The Script “The Script”

12. Name your five favorite artists?

13. What’s your favorite bible verse?
Psalms 37:4 – Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

14. What’s your favorite character from the bible?
Joseph and Peter (Peter was a fisherman).

15. What are your hobbies?

16. What are your 3 favorite movies?
Primal Fear, Men of Honor and House of Sand and Fog.

17. What’s your favorite book?
George Orwell “1984”.

18. Favorite sport to watch, favorite sport to play?
Fishing, football and basketball to watch. To play – sport fishing.

19. What’s your favorite team in sports?
New York Giants, New York Jets – for football. New York Knicks for basketball. For baseball – New York Mets.

20. Who is your favorite athlete/s?
Amare Stoudermire.

21. What’s your favorite historical sports moment?
When the New York Giants beat (upset) the New England Patriots who had a perfect season in the Superbowl 2008 season. The 1986 World Series Champions New York Mets they had a miraculous comeback win being down in the scorecard to win the game at the last moment.

22. What are the most unique items you travel with?
Fishing pole.

23. What is your biggest pet peeve?

24. Who is your hero? (not parent)

25. What is your view of life
Don’t take it for granted. It’s a gift. Enjoy it.