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Bill Cosby on Naturally 7


Naturally 7 will be back at Playboy Jazz Festival on June 12, 2011. For further details, please visit the Tours & Events section.

9 thoughts on “Bill Cosby on Naturally 7 (Video)

  1. Heh sounds like when I first heard wall of sound, I was like “you sure they’ve not got instruments” damn you guys rock and can I say your man who does the bass line, dude you shouldn’t have a voice like that with a body like that !! you should look like Barry White god bless his soul. hats off to you guys you’re amazing.

    1. When I first heard them I took my daughter to see them she went wild. The following year I took the whole family ex boyfriend too to see them, my 83 year old dad was one of those who kept standing up and clapping and rocking fro side to side he was really enjoying it saying “these boys are very good, too good to be true”.
      Much Later in the car he said – okay Pearl so where were the instruments – we all cracked up laughing it took some time to convince him again there were no hidden instruments. my family had a very fantastic memorable night and still talk about it today.
      Thank you N7 you amaze people, even Bill Cosby had to agree.

      Love x 7 stay blessed


  2. Always an inspiration. I am so excited for you all…
    As a matter of fact, I need to get in contact with you.

    I was bragging to my company about you, and I need to talk about using Naturally 7 to do our music for our National TV commercials.

    Ron “Pags” Pagliarulo

  3. You guys are the best ! So talented and so amazing ! When are you coming to France so we can get an earfull too ?! Keep up the good work, we all really appreciate it !

  4. The first time I heard about these guys was last year at the Capital Jazz Festival at Merriweather Post, in Columbia, MD. I was blown away. Their talent is amazing.

  5. Congratulations guys on receiving such acclamation from Mr Cosby! It’s great that you are finally getting the recognition you deserve. Thanks also for your support of CBM. We appreciate it so much!

  6. What a wonderful accolade from the amazing Bill Cosby. Well deserved too!

  7. Absolutely HOT, Amazing, and breath taking! What a night. You took me THERE and BACK. Thank you so much for being such authentic and truly gifted entertainers and sharing with me. I wish I could sit down and speak with you just to feel your gift.

  8. BILL!!!! Love him!
    Soo neat that he speaks so highly of you. What an honor!
    Love all of you
    Keep rockin’!

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