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Backstage at the Take 6 Concert (Video)


  • Vera

    Watching this video of N7 with Take 6 brought tears to my eyes. As a good friend of mine says about you guys, ‘You made me cry!!!’.

    Take 6 summed it up in this video – ‘so proud of you guys’. I second that. Very much hope N7 and Take 6 get a chance to work on something together in the near future. A blissfully harmonic vocal symphony of talent!

    Vera x

  • Lady T

    Watching this video with a big smile on my face and love in my heart….. Isn’t it great to meet your idols and have the experience be a beautiful thing? Can’t wait to hear any project that comes out of a collab between these two great artists!

  • CourtMariie

    What a great moment for Naturally 7. So glad that someone was able to capture this on video. I know before, Hops was pretty siked that they might be meeting them! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kaffy

    Big Big Grin on my face. So awesome and so happy for you guys :D