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The Esplanade in Singapore
The Esplanade in Singapore

The Band is off the road and taking a little breather after a successful tour in Asia and Australia. It was great to back in that part of the world. It had been several years since we were in Singapore and almost forgot how humid it was. Malaysia was about the same. But the people are as warm as the weather. We met some old friends and made several new ones as well. While in Asia we even hung out with our new BFFs, Coldplay, who happened to be touring in Asia as well.

We played Hong Kong for the first time as well as Macau. After that we spent a week in Japan. It was great catching up with some old friends there as well (YU know who YOU are).

The last leg of the tour was in Australia. It was highly anticipated. We enjoyed touring there so much last year with Michael Buble that we were thrilled to return. Unfortunately just prior to the Australian leg Rod E was called back home to the US due to a death in his family. So the band had to make due with just 6. It was a challenge as one might imagine but we were blessed that we were able to put on shows to the point that many people who never saw the band before couldn’t imagine how it could get better. With that said we look forward to our return at full strength.

But for now it time to catch up with our friends and families. It wont be long before its back to plains, trains, and automobiles. And of course stages.

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